USA Kentucky Tobacco E-Liquid

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Item Per Pack 1
VG/PG 50/50
Flavour Type Tobacco (Regular)
Bottle Size 10ml
Product Type Liquid
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Don’t know what you have done to this flavour but it’s awful makes me cough every time I inhale it . I used to love this one used it for over 5 years . Debating returning them as I ordered 8 bottles and just can’t use them ..disgusting !!! Jane C
Verified Buyer

USA Kentucky Tobacco e-liquid gives all the taste of smoky flavoured Kentucky tobacco.

Tobacco flavoured e-liquids are always well received and USA Kentucky Tobacco is no different.

It occupies a position in our top ten most popular liquids and once tried will be a permanent fixture in your e-liquid collection.

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4.36 from 171 reviews

Don’t know what you have done to this flavour but it’s awful makes me cough every time I inhale it . I used to love this one used it for over 5 years . Debating returning them as I ordered 8 bottles and just can’t use them ..disgusting !!! Jane C
22 Jun Verified Buyer
This used to be my favorite The only tabac liquid that worked for me Now: horrible petrol taste Yak Mark
23 Apr Verified Buyer
I have read the previous reviews but decided to try again I vaped this flavour in the past Despite the negative reviews I must say I have found no difference A little milder perhaps clive steel
17/12/20 Verified Buyer
Omg why would u do this over 4 years if smoked USA KENTUCKY and you go and change the flavour now I carnt use it you should never of changed this I now can not find a new flavour please bring back the old flavour even if you keep new one it is disappointing that u would just do this Anita
28/11/20 Verified Buyer
I don’t understand why you would do this, this flavour is amongst your top ten so you loudly boast, well unless you go back to the old recipe I don’t think this will be so very much longer, you should never interfere with taste ! and personal preference. By all means introduce this rubbish alongside one of your top products and let your customers decide but don’t just foist this upon us ! Stephen M
08/11/20 Verified Buyer
been using this for about seven years from e-cig to liquids. What have you done? Its awful now gone from nice tobacco flavour to sickly nothing! Very disappointed just bought 20!! Change it back please Michael M
28/09/20 Verified Buyer
Why did you change the liquid it’s awful now . Been buying from this site for years but will now start looking elsewhere as even with all these bad reviews I see no action is being taken. Nordin
26/09/20 Verified Buyer
What have you done to this liquid?? Been useing it for several years the only one I've liked after trying many brands. It now tastes very sweet & nothing like the original. Not only that but I always used 2.0 strength which is now not available which was'nt mentioned to me when I placed my latest order and I now have 10 bottles!! This should also have been pointed out when ordering. Got to look for another supplier now shame! Cathy
20/09/20 Verified Buyer
Have used this flavour since I stopped smoking over 3 years ago. It was great but just got 6 bottles and the “new improved flavour” is vile. What have you done? If I can’t find another company soon with proper tasting tobacco flavour liquid then you may have made me take up smoking cigarettes again! So very disappointed. Seems like you’re going to lose a lot of customers and money. Mrs Diane Fleming
15/09/20 Verified Buyer
Have used this product for years don't know why you had to change it. The new bottle makes it harder to fill. The taste is nothing like one you've replaced and even though I have used this exactly as before it doesn't last as long . I have now ordered the English tobacco if this isn't to my liking then you will have lost another customer. Anonymous
28/08/20 Verified Buyer

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