Vype ePen 3 Kit

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Introducing the new Vype ePen 3. Vype ePen 3 boasts a new powerful system with 650mAh battery to deliver a rich vapour and intense taste for a sensorial vaping experience.

What's inside? Each Vype ePen 3 Kit Contains:

1 x Vype ePen 3
2 x Vype ePen 3 Pods - 1 Blended Tobacco, 1 Crisp Mint
1 x Micro USB charging cable
1 x User Guide - please read before use

This premium and elegant design is stylishly compact, with a soft touch finish and comes in a range of dynamic metallic colours. Its ergonomic shape fits your hand perfectly, with the control button right at your finger tip and flavour cartridges that simply click in and out, so you can switch flavour and nicotine level almost instantly, or pop in a cartridge whenever it's empty.

Vype ePen 3 offers an exceedingly powerful vaping experience with a high-performance battery, with reliable all day use.

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General Safety Advice

Always avoid the risk of static electricity

Always use the supplied USB and mains plug

Always avoid exposing your device to extreme heat/cold and direct sunlight

Always avoid contact with water

Never use a single disposable clearomizer for more than 30 days

Never use a single coil for more than 30 days

Never leave your device charging overnight

Never charge your device for longer than stated

Never leave your device charging unattended

Never carry a device or battery in your pocket

Never leave or store your device near keys, coins or other metal objects

Never charge your device with a damaged plug or USB

Never attempt to modify your device

Never use third party equipment to charge your device

Aged devices/batteries can become unstable and for safety reasons, should be replaced when they begin to degrade

Cartomizer/Coil/Clearomizer lifespan is subject to individual use

Whats inside?

  • X2Vype ePen
    3 pods

  • X1User guide,
    please read

  • X1Device, Vype
    ePen 3

  • X1Micro USB
    charge cable


The improved vapour delivery of the ePen 3 provides a more satisfying experience*.

* = in terms of battery power and nicotine delivery vs all other Vype closed-system devices.


7 Flavours in 3 Nicotine levels. A range of intense flavours in different nicotine levels to suit your taste including Blended Tobacco, Crisp Mint, Wild Berries, Golden Tobacco, Dark Cherry, Fresh Apple, Infused Vanilla.

Blended Tobacco
Blended Tobacco
Crisp Mint
Crisp Mint
Wild Berry
Wild Berry
Golden Tobacco
Golden Tobacco
Dark Cherry
Dark Cherry
Green Apple
Fresh Apple
Infused Vanilla
Infused Vanilla

Feel the

A high-performance battery for an all-day use* that fully charges in only two hours.

* = based on average vaping usage

It's so

With click in and out pods, it's never been easier to vape on the go.

"It's simple and easy"* - Sanjiv

* = testimonials based on individual user feedback experiences. These views may not represent the views of all potential users and your own user experience may differ.


ePen 3 is a compact yet powerful device*. Available in a range of soft-touch metallic colours; blue, black, red, silver and gold.

"I think it's really sophisticated in style"** - Joshua

* = comparison of battery power vs current ePen

** = testimonials based on individual user feedback experiences. These views may not represent the views of all potential users and your own user experience may differ.



ePen 3 is a compact yet powerful device*. Available in a range of soft-touch metallic colours; blue, black, red, silver and gold.

"I think it's really sophisticated in style"** - Joshua

* comparison of battery power vs current ePen

** = testimonials based on individual user feedback experiences. These views may not represent the views of all potential users and your own user experience may differ.


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Welcome to the innovative world of Vype. Established in 2013 this range is a fresh look at the design and delivery of e-cigarettes. Everything from simple and hassle-free cartridge replacement, through to adjustable mods complete with the entire range of Vype e-liquid and e-liquid caps.

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