Ten Motives V2 Regular Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette


TPD Compliant Yes
Item Per Pack 1
Flavour Type Tobacco (Regular)
Product Type Device
Please select a strength
  • 16mg
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The Ten Motives V2 Rechargeable electronic cigarette’s all-in-one design offers ease of use and flexibility with flavours and nicotine strengths.

Ten Motives offers a value for money product with quality and reliability you can trust.

All e-Liquids used in the full range are made in the UK and all our products are compliant with relevant UK regulation.

What’s inside?

1x Ten Motives Rechargeable Battery

1x Ten Motives Regular Cartomizer 16mg

1x USB Charger

Available in 2 starter kit flavours Regular and Menthol with the addition of 8 cartomizer refill flavours available exclusively online.

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General Safety Advice

Always avoid the risk of static electricity

Always use the supplied USB and mains plug

Always avoid exposing your device to extreme heat/cold and direct sunlight

Always avoid contact with water

Never use a single disposable clearomizer for more than 30 days

Never use a single coil for more than 30 days

Never leave your device charging overnight

Never charge your device for longer than stated

Never leave your device charging unattended

Never carry a device or battery in your pocket

Never leave or store your device near keys, coins or other metal objects

Never charge your device with a damaged plug or USB

Never attempt to modify your device

Never use third party equipment to charge your device

Aged devices/batteries can become unstable and for safety reasons, should be replaced when they begin to degrade

Cartomizer/Coil/Clearomizer lifespan is subject to individual use

The GB's
#1 cigalike*

The Ten Motives V2 Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette is specially designed to be the ideal regular e-cigarette.

*Ten Motives (10M) is the best-selling Cigalike (Rechargeable and Disposable) brand in Great Britain, being ranked as the first brand in value and unit sales for the 12-month period ending 26.09.20 for the Great Britain total retail market (Copyright © 2020, Nielsen).

so Easy
to use

Simply twist on the refill to the rechargeable battery and you are ready to go!

What's Inside
the box?

One Ten Motives USB Charger,
One Refill (Regular or Menthol)
& One Ten Motives V2 Battery


7 flavours, 4 refills each. Our Ten Motives range delivers a reliable and consistent flavour every time.

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The UK's leading and most trusted supplier of e-cigarettes and manufacturer of the world's most reliable and trusted vape.

Premium designed, affordable electronic cigarette devices. Simple to use and excellent value for money.

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