Vampire Vape - Pinkman

Vampire Vape - Pinkman

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Vampire Vape - Pinkman 10ml E-Liquid

Pinkman is another fabulous e-liquid from Vampire Vapes. Bursting with juicy fruit flavours, the bitter sweet taste of grapefruit is the dominant flavour, while a twist of lemon helps give the overall experience a sour sherbety overtone.


Refreshing and well-rounded and not in the slightest bit cloying, despite the sweet sourness, Pinkman is an e-liquid that is both unusual and a welcome change from the norm.


Vape with Pinkman and its quality will become chrystal clear and will drive your friends green with envy. 

made in uk

Why choose e-liquids that are made in the UK?

VIP E-liquids are made in the UK – not outsourced overseas – and, since the introduction of TPD regulations, this gives our customers the re-assurance that they will be buying a product which is safer and nothing but the highest quality.

TPD regulations were introduced to protect the UK consumer by banning certain flavourings and colouring ingredients. Some imported e-liquids are not subject to any regulations and may actually be harmful to e-cigarette users in the long term.

In addition, as most vapers move into vaping for health reasons, they want to be sure that the product they are purchasing is regulated and fully compliant with UK laws – this gives VIP customers full re-assurance when buying from us.

Bear in mind there are many factors which are considered in the testing and licensing of e-liquids for TPD compliancy in the UK, not just the strength and size of the bottles, but also the additional ingredients such as sweeteners, flavourings and colourings. Many of these ingredients were originally intended for use within food and are safe for consumption but not vaping therefore their effects are unknown.

Finally, when choosing an e-liquid, look for a logo or label which denotes the e-liquid is made in the UK. The UK regulations are more restrictive than the rest of the World which serves as a stamp of quality so you can be sure the e-liquid complies to highest possible standard and has been tested to the most rigorous level. Check the bottle to see if the ingredients are listed and how thorough the list is. Be cautious of e-liquids which do not have the relevant UK TPD warnings or are manufactured internationally, as they will not meet these same standards.

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