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Janet was 100% helpful. She is an asset to your company and if I ever have a problem again it will be Janet I will ask for help. Pamela Berg Verified Buyer
Absolutely excellent staff, product and delivery. On this occasion Janet has gone the extra mile and sorted the wood from the trees and all with a delightful professional, knowledgeable and really lovely and personable manner. V Verified Buyer
I cannot praise this firm enough. One order was incomplete. This they rectified immediately, no queries, delays. Janet was the star providing this first class service. Richard B Verified Buyer
There are no complaints ref the product itself, our problem is with the new child safety modification (I believe this is from a new supplier). The only way I could get the tops of the bottles was with a pair of pliers. I accept that this is not your fault but the fault of your supplier, apart from that your product is excellent and I will keep using it. Alan Ainsworth Verified Buyer
Most unusually, one delivery arrived without to packs. I contacted Janet at VIP Premium and, without more ado, replacements were sent. Great firm to deal with. Richard
Easy to order and fast delivery Anonymous
I spoke to Janet this morning and her customer service skills are second to none. Very satisfied with the whole experience. Peter Verified Buyer
World-class customer service from Janet at VIP this morning. Thanks ever so much. Anonymous
CustmrSrv is excellent especially if you get Janet she is always so helpful and willing to help any problems. Kathryn H. Verified Buyer
This has been a great site over the years until now. Unfortunately all of my recent liquids (updgraded recipe) order have been returned for a refund. I have now found a new supplier, much better liquid flavours. Its such a shame. If VIP ever go back to the old liquid supplier, please let me know, I would be back in a flash, but until then, I will have to spend my money elsewhere. So, sad, I cant fault this company on anything until now but I am sure they will agree, a good vape is everything ! Diane Harding Verified Buyer