VIP Launch Eye-Catching TV Ad Campaign For E-Cig Users

Here at VIP we’ve just launched our brand new TV advertising campaign, targeting adult smokers and existing vapers with a truly unique, thought-provoking approach to commercials.

As any existing VIP customers will be aware, our brand is all about high quality products and a truly sophisticated, adult brand. As the UK’s ASA doesn’t allow us to talk about any potentially positive health effects from switching to e-cigarettes, or even allow us to show the product on air, we’ve taken a high-impact, creative approach to draw attention to this safer alternative to smoking.

We pride ourselves on being a responsible company here at VIP – we’ve created an advert specifically for adults, aired after 9pm, which makes it very clear that e-cigarettes are not for children or non-smokers. Given the current views of some on electronic cigarettes (particularly regarding alternative flavours), it’s important to make this distinction.

Dave Ryder, VIP’s Chief Product Officer, said: “We take our responsibilities as an e-cigarette manufacturer very seriously.

“Our website and packaging feature warnings that state products are only suitable for over 18’s and we do not market our products to children.”

We work hard to ensure that our products are only aimed towards, and accessed by, adults; we have made all possible steps to ensure this is just viewed by an adult market by only broadcasting after the 9pm watershed and putting age restrictions on our online content (ie. ads on our YouTube channel). The age restriction relating to the sale of our products is also highlighted on all our packaging.

“We’ve used a tongue-in-cheek approach to get people thinking.”

One thing that should be clear about these adverts is that we’ve worked hard to ensure they don’t glamorise smoking in any way – it’s something we’ve made clear with all our forms of advertising. Although the product may create a similar sensation for smokers, it’s a harm reducing alternative to tobacco cigarettes that offers smoking a choice. We’re not trying making nicotine ‘sexy’ or ‘attractive’ – we’re drawing attention to a healthier alternative.

What we feel we’ve done with our latest adverts is to create something thought provoking, eye catching and high-impact that draws immediate attention to a safer alternative.

It’s only been on the air for a matter of days but already our eye-catching adverts have made viewers, both vapers and not, take note and react. We’ve had some feedback through our Twitter page already from those who managed to catch the adverts on ITV earlier this week:

Professor John Britton of the Royal College of Physicians recently claimed in a BBC Breakfast interview:

“If all the smokers in Britain stopped smoking cigarettes and started smoking e-cigarettes we would save five million deaths in people who are alive today.”

Our CPO also added that the innuendo in the adverts is something that’s a big part of British comedy.

“We have intentionally cast actors over 25 years of age to attract an adult audience and used a tongue-in-cheek approach to get people thinking. How the ads are interpreted by a viewer is subjective.”

The bottom line with our new adverts, and the thought process behind them, is that we’re not targetting non smokers and we’re not trying to deter people from trying to quit. All we want to do is offer smokers a healthier and cheaper alternative.

Our two twenty-second-long adverts are currently being broadcast on ITV Granada after the 9pm watershed, so any e-cigarette users or smokers in the North West should keep their eyes peeled for our unique and memorable commercials.

If you’ve seen our new ads and have any feedback then we’d love to hear from you – let us know what you think via our Twitter page!

If these enticing adverts have got you intrigued in our brand, or in vaping in general, then take a look at our e-cigarette starter kits here. You can also call our customer helpline on 0844 822 9989 for more information on our products, or if you have any questions.

8 November 2013

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