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E-Liquid Recipes: How to make Ye Olde Kentucky Tobacco and Apple Pie and Custard

Ye Olde Kentucky Tobacco Why not try our famous USA Kentucky Tobacco blended with our brand new Ye Olde Black Jack ? For something new and exciting, step up your everyday vaping and create our sensational Ye Olde Kentucky Tobacco. When vaping this captivating blend, you will be amazed by the astounding flavours which have been captured within this simple blend at home recipe. When first inhaling, the smokey yet smooth flavou[...]

16 August 2016

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The Royal College Of Physicians Provide A Monumental Breakthrough

About The Royal College of Physicians The Royal College of Physicians of London (RCP)  is the oldest medical college in England. In the 1500′s, medical practice in England was extremely poor and many doctors claimed to be ‘experienced physicians’, when in reality they had no training nor any qualifications. There were almost certainly many deaths that could have been prevented if they had been treated by medical professionals rath[...]

E-Liquid Recipes: How to make Black Ice Fusion and Creme Caramel Gold

Black Ice Fusion Love our new Red Fusion e-liquid? Of course you do! But let’s go crazy and add a little extra in there. By blending our Red Fusion with our Black Ice Blast , it becomes an incredible Black Ice Fusion! Our Red Fusion is already loaded with red berries, aniseed, black grape, menthol and citrus notes but mix in some Black Ice Blast and you have added blackberries and concentrated menthol too. Wow, who knew you [...]

4 August 2016

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What’s In My E-Liquid?

Contained within VIP E-liquids are just  4 simple ingredients. Many people are unaware of this and have read articles which might suggest that e-liquid ingredients are unsafe or contain unknown chemicals. With VIP you can always be certain of the ingredients contained within our e-liquids as they are safety and quality tested under UK regulations giving you some peace of mind in knowing that every vape is not only flavorous, but safe to[...]

4 August 2016

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