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E-Liquid Recipes: How to make Sweet Tobacco and Vanilla Cola

Sweet Tobacco Love our USA Kentucky Tobacco but find yourself craving something sweeter? There’s no need to look for a different flavour, just try blending at home! The USA Kentucky Tobacco is a smooth yet smokey flavour. Combine this with our candied fruit flavour Tutti Frutti and this blend becomes a beautiful Sweet Tobacco. We all know that sometimes tobacco flavours can be quite harsh and become slightly repetitive to va[...]

21 July 2016

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Another MP Joins The Fight Against Tobacco

Who is Gloria De Piero? Gloria De Piero  was once known for her work as a journalist and being on GMTV  however, since 2010, she is now more recently known for being a member of parliament for Ashfield and a British Labour Party Politician. Her work as a journalist (among other things) is very much based on politics, as she once worked on The Politics Show  and was also a political correspondent and relief newsreader whilst working on [...]

E-Liquid Recipes: How to make Banana Creme Brulee and Blue Blast

Banana Creme Brulee Here’s a clever combination for those who love a good dessert, Banana Bliss blended with Mrs Bee’s Vanilla Custard . Creamy and clean with a slight sweetness, Banana Bliss is a moreish beauty to vape. When blended with Mrs Bee’s Vanilla Custard, the flavour becomes extra creamy with sweet dessert like aromas. This effortless blend has some of the tastiest and delicate notes that we have discovered whilst p[...]

14 July 2016

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Could E-Cigs Help You To Quit Smoking?

A research team at University College London have published a study in the Addiction Jounal  which estimates that electronic cigarettes helped between 16,000-22,000 smokers in England to quit in 2014. The team was led by author of The SmokeFree Formula and Professor of Health Psychology, Robert West . The numbers included were not simply those who had quit, but they were long term quitters and so had not smoked for at least 1 year. The t[...]