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    VIP’s vaping kits are great if you are new to the world of vaping or are looking to upgrade or replace your existing set up. There are a range of kits for each product offering you various options on kit components and prices.

    Our kits contain everything you need to start using your new electronic cigarette or vaping mod, ensure that you do not encounter any compatibility issues and that you get maximum performance.

    There are 3 types of VIP kits; Cartomizer Kits, Tank Kits and Sub Ohm Kits:

    Cartomizer Kits 

    Cartomizer kits are perfect for those who are completely new to vaping because they are really easy to use, clean and effective.

    Tank Kits  

    Tank kits are fantastic for people looking to progress from cartomizers or who are looking for a vaping option that is more flexible and delivers more flavoursome clouds of vapour. With a tank kit you will be able to explore our fabulous range of e-liquids to your hearts content.

    Sub Ohm Kits

    Sub Ohm kits are made up from the most advanced vaping products found anywhere on the planet today. Optimal control and flexibility are combined with stylish looks and smart technology to bring you the ultimate vaping experience. 

  • Cartomizers & Cartridges

    Cartomizers, used with a VIP electronic cigarette battery from our V Range, are traditionally the first port of call for people who are just starting their vaping journey.

    The cartomizers simply screw to the VIP battery and then they are vape ready. Cartomizers are not compatible with tank kits or sub ohm products, but still offer a great vaping experience.

    VIP Cartomizers are available in a range of fabulous flavours and nicotine strengths, allowing you to choose the type most suitable for you.

  • E-liquid

    VIP e-liquids and guest ranges are designed to be used with our clearomizers, tanks and sub ohm products.

    There is a fantastic range of flavours for you to explore and enjoy. It is common for vaping connoisseurs to build up an e-liquid collection that allows them to choose a flavour to suit their mood, the time of day or the activity they are involved in.

    VIP e-liquids are produced using the highest quality ingredients and are tested for their consistency and purity.

    You can be sure that vaping with our e-liquids will give you the best experience money can buy. 

  • Vape Tanks

    The vape tank is where the vapour is produced and so is, perhaps, the most important element of a vaping set up.

    VIP atomiser tanks are custom built to be used with our range of vaping devices. In addition, we also have numerous other atomiser tanks from brands such as iJoy, SMOK and Innokin.

    When choosing an atomiser tank, it is important that you pick one that is compatible with your vaping mod and that it will fulfil your personal requirements. 

  • Vape Coils

    Choosing the correct coils for your atomiser is critical if you are to get the best performance from your vaping mod.

    VIP stock a wide range of vape coils that are custom designed to work with the atomisers and vaping kits that we supply. When using a coil for the first time, if possible, check that the correct resistance is registering on your vaping mods display screen. Also, check that you have set the power levels in accordance with those recommended by the coil manufacturer.

    Finally, be sure to prime your coil correctly with e-liquid to ensure that when you start to vape, the cotton doesn’t burn.

  • Batteries

    VIP supply a range of batteries that you can use as replacements for your current battery and thus allowing you to continue to use your cartomizers, other vaping accessories and e-liquids.

    Batteries sold as stand alones are also a good way to start building your own custom vaping set up or carrying around with you as a spare and so whenever you want to vape, you can.

  • Accessories

    To get the maximum performance from your vaping devices, you need to use high quality accessories.

    Making sure your devices are charged properly and are protected from bumps and scrapes, not only helps to ensure you get an optimised vaping experience, but it also prolongs the life of your vaping kit.

    Whether its safety, protection, power or portability, you will find what you need on the VIP accessory page.  

  • New Products

    VIP's latest and specially featured vaping products. The vaping industry is an innovative sector and is constantly developing vaping technology whilst creating a variety of new flavours.

    The VIP Research and Development team monitor market trends and listen to customer feedback to put new vaping ideas into practise. We aim to keep our product range fresh and have the best choice of vaping products on offer to our customers.

  • Popular E-Cigarette Kits

    Have a look at our most popular vaping kits and choose the perfect one for you.

  • Special Offers

    VIP regularly run special offers and promotions on various products, as well as sending out discount codes, vouchers and operating a rewards system. We feel it is important to reward our customers whenever and wherever possible.

    Watch this space for great savings!

    Please note that vouchers or discount codes cannot be used to purchase products that are on special offer or are part of a promotion.

  • VIP Special Offers

  • Nicotine Free Products

    Discover our range of products that do not contain nicotine. From 0mg e-liquids and premium accessories to charging equipment and hardware, these items have something in common – no nicotine.

    Electronic cigarettes and vaping products have come a long way in the past few years and this collection of products reflects those changes and how many people now have made the decision to go completely nicotine free.

    Explore how you can continue to vape fantastic e-liquids with intense and compelling flavours that are clean and free from nicotine.    

  • National No Smoking Day

    On Wednesday the 14th March, it is officially National No Smoking Day!

    To help you make the switch, we are giving away 2 FREE e-liquids or 2 FREE cartomizer packs on a range of our top-notch devices.

    Take a look at the kits below and become a VIP this National No Smoking Day!

    *Selected kits only. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Limited time only.