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VIP Tense


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Looking to control the clouds? The VIP Tense has wattage control options meaning that you have control over the clouds you create through the device. 

This mod can provide up to 80w which enables you to use the tank provided or even use any existing tanks you may have that use a 510 thread. The Alpha Tense leaves you with control of your own experience.

What Comes in the Kit?

  • VIP Tense battery
  • VIP Tense 0.5Ω atomizer
  • Additional 0.3Ω coil
  • Spare glass
  • Additional seals
  • Micro USB cable
  • User guide

The VIP Tense is compatible with the VIP Alpha/Tense Coils in 0.3Ω or 0.5Ω.

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General Safety Advice

Always avoid the risk of static electricity

Always use the supplied USB and mains plug

Always avoid exposing your device to extreme heat/cold and direct sunlight

Always avoid contact with water

Never use a single disposable clearomizer for more than 30 days

Never use a single coil for more than 30 days

Never leave your device charging overnight

Never charge your device for longer than stated

Never leave your device charging unattended

Never carry a device or battery in your pocket

Never leave or store your device near keys, coins or other metal objects

Never charge your device with a damaged plug or USB

Never attempt to modify your device

Never use third party equipment to charge your device

Aged devices/batteries can become unstable and for safety reasons, should be replaced when they begin to degrade

Cartomizer/Coil/Clearomizer lifespan is subject to individual use

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