Ten Motives Spare Battery


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sandra Devereux
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Spare Battery for the Ten Motives Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette V2. This product comes with a 3 month warranty, and depending on usage will last around 6-8 months before needing to be replaced.


Spare Battery for the Ten Motives Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette V2.

Please Note: This product is only compatible with the Ten Motives Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette V2 Refills and comes with a 3 month warranty. (from purchase date)

*Expected lifespan of up to 6 months dependant on individual usage*

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General Safety Advice

Always avoid the risk of static electricity

Always use the supplied USB and mains plug

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Aged devices/batteries can become unstable and for safety reasons, should be replaced when they begin to degrade

Cartomizer/Coil/Clearomizer lifespan is subject to individual use

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11 Aug Verified Buyer
Very happy with these and have been using them for 5 years. Anonymous
21 Jul Verified Buyer
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12 Jul Verified Buyer
Good price, long lasting charge, fast dispatch and delivery. Geoffrey Mcallen
12 Jul Verified Buyer
Have ordered these batteries on many occasions, always fine and delivered promptly. Liz Verrall
16 May Verified Buyer
would be good if the battery life cold be extended so that charging cycle was less frequent. would be prepared to pay more for a longer lasting battery! Graham Taylor
27 Apr Verified Buyer
Good deal and excellent service Susan Kelly
23 Apr Verified Buyer

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