Join Our VIP VApril Campaign

For the first time ever, this month marks the start of a national awareness campaign for vaping, also known as VApril. So far, 1.5 million UK smokers have said they’ve managed to quit the traditional smoking habit through vaping and you could be one of them! Click here to find out more about it, or take a look at the official website and see how you can get involved.

Here at VIP, we thought this month of awareness would be the opportunity to encourage smokers to swap their traditional tobacco for e-liquid and try out vaping for a month instead.

So, this month we’ve got a number of exciting things happening to get you psyched about switching to e-cigarettes.

Switch to E-cigs with Our Help

To give smokers around the country some inspiration to quit, we’re following 12 people who have decided to quit their traditional smoking habit and switch to e-cigarettes for VApril (and hopefully beyond that).

We’ve also hand-picked some of our favourite e-liquid flavours for you to try out if you’re a vaping newbie. With amazing flavours on offer like cola cubes, strawberry lemonade and Columbian coffee available, we believe that these are mouth-watering enough to help you kick the traditional tobacco habit once and for all.

Finally, we’ve conducted our very own ‘Flavour Survey’ to find out more about what e-liquids the UK public would like to see in the future. From traditional British flavours like a roast dinner and fish and chips, to very niche suggestions like squid and cockles, you’ll soon be arguing the case for your own favourite dish with fellow vapers.

Become a Vaping VIP this VApril

Don’t keep your head in the (tobacco) clouds this VApril. This month of vaping awareness is the perfect opportunity for you to make the big step from traditional cigarettes to vaping. Not only will you feel healthier, you’ll get the chance to have fun with unique flavours, and it could be the first step to helping you kick the traditional smoking habit once and for all!

Make sure you keep your eye out for our new VApril posts in the coming weeks.