How We Made the British Vaping Flavour Map

You might have seen that we recently surveyed a sample of the great British public to find out what e-liquid flavours they’d like introducing in the future. The results were interesting to say the least, with some clear regional differences (who knew those in the West Midlands loved mojitos so much?). To best visualise the results, we thought what better way than to literally lay out all the top e-liquid flavour choices on a map of the UK. Unsurprisingly, there was a lot of mess and some interesting smells involved. Here’s how we did it.

Gathering Ingredients

After compiling the results of the survey and working out what was top of the vaping e-liquid flavour wish list, we spent over £100 on everything needed. This included many chicken tikka masala ready meals, cans of Diet Coke, chicken nuggets and enough apple crumble to cover Scotland and Wales.

Thankfully, flavours such as cockles, squid and Danish blue cheese didn’t make it into the top regional choices (though they were suggested by a few people), otherwise we really would have stunk out the office.


The Power of Brown Sauce

Unfortunately, for some reason what we didn’t realise would stink out the office was the brown sauce. This was used to divide up the regions once we’d laid down a giant printout map of the UK and labelled each area with its most popular vaping flavour choice. Not only did the smell soon become overpowering and attract a few rogue employees thinking free bacon sandwiches were being prepared, but it also got very messy very quickly. Unlike using a pen to draw round the edges you have a lot less control squirting out brown sauce from the bottle.

Once the regions were roughly separated and we’d taken a quick breather away from the tangy brown sauce smell, it was time to arrange the foods. We thought it best to start with the prosecco corks for Northern Ireland (kindly and worryingly donated from one staff member’s private collection) before moving onto the apple crumble.The theory was to leave the smelliest foods until last, mainly the chicken tikka masala. However, in practice this proved pointless as the brown sauce odour had already taken over and remains stuck to that sofa to this day.  


Filling up the UK

It was a real test getting the custard for the apple crumble to stay within the boundaries, requiring some delicate spoon action. And yes, it was cold custard along with raw bacon. Had we used cooked food the map would probably have looked a lot emptier, given the temptation to nibble. For the same reason the Midlands’ mojito section was made up of just lime, mint leaves and ice, with no rum in sight.

Sadly, it soon became clear that while the roast dinner sections surrounded by bacon, mojito ingredients and tikka masala all showed a range of colours, the mango chutney covering London didn’t look great on camera. It was swamped by chicken nuggets to the east and roast dinner to the south, while from certain angles the diet coke in Yorkshire dwarfed the fish and chips to the North East.


The Great British Clean Up

After the photoshoot it was time to clean up. Two hours later and coated in the delicious aroma of brown sauce, tikka masala, bacon, custard and more for the rest of the day, the four people it took were greatly rewarded with a can of Diet Coke. And being put off brown sauce for life.

The whole idea was inspired by VApril, with smokers challenged to switch from traditional smoking to vaping. You might not be able to get apple crumble vaping flavours just yet but there are some great vaping products to try that can help you take on the VApril challenge.