How Long Do Cartomizers Last?

The VIP 'Cartomizer' can deliver up to 300¹ inhales. Taking 7 inhales, each lasting approx. 2 seconds, is considered a vaping session or simulated 'cigarette'. Each cartomizer provides approx. 40 vaping sessions or simulated cigarettes. We've provided some useful data tables below to help customers understand how performance figures are calculated and to summarise usage.

Important Users Tips

Cartomizer Performance (ECO) 2 Second Inhale (INTERMEDIATE) 3 Second Inhale (INDULGENT) 4 Second Inhale
Max. Number of Inhales Available³ 300 200 150
Avg. Number of Inhales Available³ 260 173 130

Cartomizers Used Per Day Cost Per Day* Cartomizers Used Per Day Cost Per Day)*
½ 79p 1 ½ £2.37
1 £1.58 2 £3.16

The statistical data above can help you understand how cartomizer consumption may vary subject to personal usage. In your first month you may find that you use more cartomizers while you become accustomed to using your e-cigarette. A 20-a-day smoker following our ECO guide should aim to use around 18-25 cartomizers per month, and in the region of 60 if classed as INDULGENT. You may be tempted to take more inhales than advised and this is perfectly fine, but you will use more cartomizers.

*Cost when purchasing a carton of 50 x Cartomizers directly from the VIP website/phone. Cost per cartomizer can work out even less than stated if redeeming a voucher code or purchasing cartomizers on 'promotional offer'.

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