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Why Choose VIP’s Products?

Many suppliers import crudely flavoured and untested e-liquids from the cheapest producer. Considering e-liquids are something you inhale and consume, it pays to buy the best where quality and safety are concerned.

VIP’s e liquid products are precisely formulated using only the highest quality ingredients and flavourings, exclusively blended for the VIP brand which are tested to certify purity and consistency. Very few companies have the capability to produce the same 'exclusive' blends that we offer.

30ml E-liquid

30ml E-liquid Formula

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10ml E-liquid

10ml E-liquid Formula

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VIP Premium E-liquid
All E Liquids are NOT the Same

Which would you choose?

VIP Premium E-liquid...   Most E-liquid Suppliers...
Custom-made ‘Real’ Taste Flavours   Generic and Bland Tasting
VIP’s E-liquid is formulated using pharmaceutical grade ingredients and premium quality flavourings exclusive to the VIP brand. OR Most e-liquid sellers import or resell diluted, generic flavoured, poor tasting, low grade e-liquids. What will you be inhaling?
Laboratory Tested   Tested? Screened for Purity?
VIP’s ingredients are tested and screened for purity by approved UKAS laboratories using GC/MS testing methods. OR Many online stores, market traders and small e-cig outlets are simply re-selling cheap, untested e-liquids. Is your e-liquid tested?
Conforms to Legal Regulations   Safe? CLP Compliant? Child-Proof?
VIP conforms to all the regulatory requirements for the safe and legal sale of electronic cigarette products. VIP is also an audited member of ECITA. OR Few e-liquid stockists have the capability to produce 'exclusive' e-liquids or are even aware of any safety or regulatory requirements. Is your stockist legally compliant?

30ml E-liquid

10ml E-liquid
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